Gerda Brenner

Willkommen to my website!

I am a native German speaker. In 1993 I moved from Austria to London. Since then I have enjoyed an exciting and varied working life in the catering, sales and marketing industries before starting to retrain to become a German language tutor.  I began my new career early 2008 and have been working on a freelance basis ever since. Currently you can find me at Lingua Diversa and Professional Language Solutions in London. In September 2015 I have completed a part-time MA (Ed): Culture, Language, Identity at Goldsmiths University. Apart from language tutoring I run German cinema, speaking and grammar workshops at Lingua Diversa. In the past I co-hosted complete immersion Spanish courses  in the beautiful medieval town Medina de Rioseco and both, Esther and I hope that after having completed my studies to welcome students back to Rioseco.

In my blog you’ll find me talking about my interests, passions, thoughts, anything really that may come to my mind, yes such as everyday present and past experiences in London, Spain, Austria, …

So, let’s see how I’ll get on with this blogging-idea of mine and I hope, that you, dear-readers-who-has-found-or-come-across-this-blog, enjoy browsing some entries.

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