Gerda Brenner

Willkommen to my website!

Hi, I’m Gerda and originally from Austria. I decided to make London my new home in 1993 where I enjoyed an exciting and varied working life in catering, sales and marketing. After taking a language degree in English and Spanish, I decided to retrain and become a freelance German language tutor. So, since 2008 I have been teaching small groups and one on one lessons at Lingua Diversa  and Professional Language Solutions. In September 2015 I completed a part-time MA in Education: Culture, Language and Identity at Goldsmiths University. Apart from language tutoring I love long walks in open fields or by the sea and I enjoy taking photos and reading and singing, even thought I’m not really good at it, but that’s part of the fun, and  love to laugh whilst travelling through life.

The reason I started with this blog was to motivate myself and to practice writing in English whilst studying. I hope you enjoy reading about my interests, thoughts, feelings, experiences, … anything really that pops into my mind…that teases me until it’s released on this little site.

23 thoughts on “About

  1. Bushka

    Hello. Thanks for popping into my blog…and following….Came to see where you are…Most interesting blog…….Might be staying in touch.

  2. annarashbrook

    Thanks for the follow! I am looking forward to hearing about teaching on the UK side. Where do you come from in Austria? Your English is way ahead of my German!


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