Gerda Brenner

Willkommen to my website!

I am a native German speaker, who, in 1993, moved from Austria to London. Since then I have enjoyed an exciting and varied working life in the catering, sales and marketing industries before starting to retrain as a German language tutor and becoming a language coach. I currently work for the independent language school Lingua Diversa and Professional Language Solutions in London, and am in my final year at Goldsmiths, London, where I study towards a MA (Ed): Culture, Language, Identity. Apart from language tutoring I run German cinema, speaking and grammar workshops at Lingua Diversa. In the past I co-hosted complete immersion Spanish courses  in the beautiful medieval town Medina de Rioseco and both, Esther and I hope that after having completed my studies to welcome students back to Rioseco.

In my blog you will find me talking about my interests and passions and as I consider myself to be a bit of a hybrid, that is, part of me feels Austrian, another Spanish, another Transylvanian, another Scottish and the biggest part probably British (!) – even though I have to admit, I’d probably never be a ‘real’ Brit – you will find me talking about my present/past experiences in London and Spain and anything else that comes to my mind.

So, let’s see how I’ll get on with this blogging-idea of mine and I really hope that you, my dear-reader-who-has-found-this-blog, enjoy browsing through the blog entries.

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