Hi, I’m Gerda. Originally from Austria, I decided to make London my new home inIMG-20170418-WA0015 1993. In my 30s I completed a degree in English and Spanish, and this is when Esther and I began hosting Weekend Courses in Medina de Rioseco. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to get into teaching myself. I retrained and became an independent German language coach leaving full-time employment as an Area Sales Manager in the Food Industry.  I’ve been a freelance teacher ever since, teaching small groups and one on one lessons for Lingua Diversa and Professional Language Solutions . In 2015 I completed an MA in Education: Culture, Language, and Identity and in my spare time I love cooking, eating, traveling and going for long walks especially by the sea…yes, and I enjoy taking photos and reading and singing even though I’m not really good at it but that’s part of the fun…and finally I love to laugh at life.
I started this blog to motivate myself and practice writing in English whilst studying. I hope you enjoy reading about my interests, thoughts, experiences – anything really that pops into my mind that teases me until it’s finally released on this site.


29 thoughts on “About

  1. Bushka

    Hello. Thanks for popping into my blog…and following….Came to see where you are…Most interesting blog…….Might be staying in touch.

  2. annarashbrook

    Thanks for the follow! I am looking forward to hearing about teaching on the UK side. Where do you come from in Austria? Your English is way ahead of my German!

  3. Kavita Chavda

    Thanks for connecting to my blog. Glad to connect to you.
    You doing a great job. I like your passion for your work.
    Stay blessed 🙂

      1. Kavita Chavda

        Thanks a lot.
        How many languages do you know in total?
        I’ve always been fond of learning new languages online.

      2. germaninlondon Post author

        Not that many 😉 …German (MT), English, Spanish and a very rusty school French, hehe. And Asian languages are there on my list of languages to learn!

      3. Kavita Chavda

        I know the Asian languages and the rest you know are on my list 😀
        Good luck for learning 🙂

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