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Cinema Workshops

Really enjoyed meeting my fellow students at Goldsmiths on Wednesday!! We are a real international group, i.e. students from China, Japan, USA, Jamaica, Greece, British, one Austrian 🙂  With such an exciting mix we will surely “live/experience”  the MA’s title, Culture, Language and Identity to the full.

When I got home  that evening I decided to add some more films to my German cinema workshops repetoire. After a bit of digging I’ve decided to prepare some activities around “Auf der anderen Seite” (The edge of Heaven). I absolutely enjoyed watching this movie, which is by Fatih Akin, the same director of “Gegen die Wand” (Head On). “Auf der anderen Seite”, winner of best screenplay at Cannes Film Festival, and The European Film Awards, both is 2007, tells the destinies of six characters, who are bound together by fate. It is a powerful and moving story linking three families across different cultures, countries and generations.