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Cormorants at Farne Island

The Puffins had already left Farne Islands for the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean the week before we arrived at Seahouses in late July. But that didn’t stop us to visit Staple Island – the boat trip alone around the outer islands was worth it…and, in the end, we did see some Puffins after all. And then there were the Cormorants, thousands of them, and other seabirds, of course. But seeing Cormorants for the first time in a natural setting, watching them spread their wings to dry, was one of many things I’ll never forget about this wonderful trip. 

The shots below were taken when we waited for our boat to pick us back from Staple Island after we had had about an hour’s exploration time. I watched a group of Cormorants getting on with their everyday life, ignoring their snap-happy onlookers.

P1070806.jpg Oooh, I’ve got an itchy bum!P1070808.jpg Ah, some loose feathers…P1070805 Mmmh, that feels better now.P1070804.jpg , What????




Yes, a Puffin 🙂



Flying Robert


This film was created in Hillary Younglove’s puppet class at Sonoma Academy in 2011. This is the story of Flying Robert from the children’s book Struwwelpeter (1845) by Dr. Heinrich Hoffman. The song is by British cult trio Tiger Lillies . Tiger Lillies collaborated in the award-winning musical Shockheaded Peter, which is based on Struwwelpeter.

I checked the weather forecast before we left. Gusts of winds of up to 60 mph on exposed coastlines were expected. When we arrived in Littlehampton it was not only very very windy, but it rained quite heavily, too. So we briefly discussed the question that had crept into our minds: Shall we just turn around and drive back home and hide from that bad bad wind…and rain, or,  shall we stay? Once our thoughts-in-sync were out in the open we unanimously kicked them out of our heads. Never mind the rain or galeforce winds! We’re here to enjoy ourselves!

We got out of the car and checked into our studio holiday apartment opposite East Beach. From our windows, we had some fabulous sea views irrespective of the weather. And then the rain suddenly stopped and the grey sky turned blue and we decided to go for a walk along the beach.


Patient companion, “Gerdita, turn around, this is a safe distance to take a photo of you.”

Me-who-much-prefers-the-active-photographer-role-instead-of-being-the-object-of-interest-of-the-snapper, “Ahm, really? Do I really have to…?  I continued in my mind,   “…pose and smile the smile that for sure will as usual end up looking like a grin that makes me look just like the Cheshire Cat?” , and I replied, “All right then.” 

Because I decided to take an umbrella, which, I know, was pointless considering the forceful sea breezes,  I decided to pose as Flying Robert and almost turned into a Flying Gerda.


As I leant back into the wind the pure force of gust kept me from toppling over and I’m definitely not a lightweight.


Suddenly one of the stretchers of the umbrella broke and my imminent departure to faraway lands fell through. 

So, with me still on the island the two of us visited Chichester and Arundel the following day and we even managed to do another long coastal walk. Below are some photos from those days.

pier stormy sea2

When we arrived the beach and promenade were almost deserted. But suddenly, within minutes, blue sky!

glistening sea waves2

birds beach_hut

That same weekend the River Arun Waterfront Festival took place. The weather was fantastic and Littlehampton packed with people.

Lifeboat promenade2

Morning Bath

Morning Bath


The tide was out and a big white

cloud floated so near, that I stretched

my hand dreamingly and sincere,

to draw your silhouette with my left

index finger on this vast canvas.


I imagined how magical scissors

cut along the newly drawn lines,

and suddenly you stepped out,

laughing at my new trick. We walked

the golden shore, our noses filled


with fish scented air and enjoyed

the wind messing with our hair, whilst

watching hundreds of playful waves

teasing surfers, who seemed to know

their every move, as they sped across


the white glistening foam, holding on

tight to their colourful kites…                     and then I woke up.

I went to the window and pulled up

the blinds and looked at two sparrows

splashing in their early morning bath.  


The photo was taken in April 2016 at St. Malo, English Channel.