Cormorants at Farne Island

The Puffins had already left Farne Islands for the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean the week before we arrived at Seahouses in late July. But that didn’t stop us to visit Staple Island – the boat trip alone around the outer islands was worth it…and, in the end, we did see some Puffins after all. And then there were the Cormorants, thousands of them, and other seabirds, of course. But seeing Cormorants for the first time in a natural setting, watching them spread their wings to dry, was one of many things I’ll never forget about this wonderful trip. 

The shots below were taken when we waited for our boat to pick us back from Staple Island after we had had about an hour’s exploration time. I watched a group of Cormorants getting on with their everyday life, ignoring their snap-happy onlookers.

P1070806.jpg Oooh, I’ve got an itchy bum!P1070808.jpg Ah, some loose feathers…P1070805 Mmmh, that feels better now.P1070804.jpg , What????




Yes, a Puffin 🙂



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