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So you’d like to improve your German?

A great and fun way to practice any language is via interactive activities/stories and audios, which allow you wherever you are – at home, on the train, at work (during your break time), at the local library, on the toilet 🙂 …-  to get a quick daily fix of German, even if you only have 5 minutes! And I can assure you, it is worth your while.

A fantastic site for self study is the Learn German section of the  Deutsche Welle. There you will find activities and mini series suitable for your level (beginner (A1), elementary (A2), intermediary (B1 B2), advanced (C1, C2). You can also take a short placement test to check which level is right for you. For more information about the different levels or the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages click here

Courses you can choose from:

The A1 audio course “Mission Europe” – learn German (or French or Polish!) with action packed crime stories; the A1 – A2 Audiotrainer, allows you to expand your vocabulary by different topics and to improve your pronunciation; tip: download the podcast on to your smart-phone or i-pod! the A1 – B1 audio course “Deutsch – warum nicht?“, has 104 lessons with dialogues and exercises. The A1-B1: Interaktiv – is an online innovative course for independent learners. And if you like to brush up your business German try the Audio course “Marktplatz” (B2), which contains 26 episodes! And finally to listen to daily German news click here .

I wish you lots of fun with learning German!


M Vida Loca

Here’s a link to the interactive online drama Mi Vida Loca (British Academy Television Craft Awards, Winner 2009 Interactive Innovation), where my dear friend Esther had a part (episodes 7-12). Some of the scences were shot in Medina de Rioseco, with real Spanish students and real people.

Mi Vida Loca is great for Spanish beginners who like to complete a first course in 12 weeks, but I think it’s also great for “false” beginners, elemntary and lower intermediary levels. Actually, I know of Spanish native speakers, who love this programme and of Spanish language teachers (secondary and adult education), who use it in their class.

Hope you enjoy it, too.

Mi Vida Loca