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La flor de mi secreto

Having seen many Almodovar movies I couldn’t resist the temptation to watch “La flor de mi secreto” on a big screen during the Spanish Film Festival. Previously, probably about 12 years ago, I watched the movie on video on my small TV. Then I just started learning Spanish, then I watched the whole film without subtitles, and missed a lot. A lot, if not all, of the fantastic dialogues.

On a Tuesday evening 12 years later – equipped with more Spanish – I  sat inside the cinema at the French (!) Institut. This time I could follow all the dialogue…but not because my Spanish had improved that much, but because of the English subtitles, and gosh, did I enjoy that evening!

“La flor de mi secreto” was introduced by the wonderful Marisa Paredes, (winner of 3 x Best Actress) who would also join the audience after the screening for a short 30 min Q&A session.

At the end of a wonderful evening I concluded that it is hard to believe that Almodovar’s „La flor de mi secreto“ is already 18 years old…for me this tragic comedy is fresh and colourful and after having watched all of Almodovar’s movies I got surprised after realising that the black novel (plot: a young mother’s  daughter kills her husband because he tried to rape her, the corps ends up in a fridge) in the movie has the same plot as Almodovar’s “Volver”!!

Before falling asleep that night, I tried to decide which one of the many scenes is to be my favourite one. But I couldn’t. I loved the movie from start to finish. However, I did select the following 3 scenes that particularly stuck to my mind.

1. When the junkie tries to take off Leocadida (Leo’s) boots – you can just about see that one boot comes off but is quickly pushed back on :-).

2. When Leo visits her sister’s (Rosa) small apartment, which she shares with her husband and mother. Look out at how Rosa dresses and has her hair done.

3. After a great artistic performance of Leo’s household help and her son (Joaquin Cortes) we see Rose again dressed up to the occasion and having come straight from the hairdresser, fantastic scene!!

Scence “en casa de Rosa”


8th London Spanish Film Festival

My Spanish is a bit rusty after having spent some weeks in Austria during the summer break, which was great  as I could communicate in my mother tongue 24/7. At the end of my stay I even thought my German had improved – I am of course referring to street German rather than to the German you find in course books.

Anyway, it is now high time to invest a bit of TLC to my slowly retreating Spanish skills and what better way, than by going to see a Spanish movie.

Check out the program of the 8th London Spanish Film Festival, which will take place at Cine Lumiere, South Kensington, from 28th September- 10th October 2012. Some screenings also take place at International House, Instituto Cervantes.

This is a unique opportunity to view recent Spanish films, most of them are in fact UK premiers and there is something for everyone: engaging thriller, comedies, dramas, action movies, documentaries and shorts. Also, many of the films will be presented by their director and actors!!

I am looking forward to the “Acting Almodovar” series (at Cine Lumiere), in particular to the on-stage conversation with Marisa Paredes and Antonia San Juan with Prof. Maria Delgado on Monday 1st October, 6.30 and the Q&A with Marisa Paredes after the screening of La Flor de mi Secreto on Tuesday, 2nd October, 8.30 pm