A Forest and the ghost of Queen Victoria


One day early in November last year, patient partner and I decided to visit Ashdown Forest which in medieval times had been a deer hunting forest. More recently, its northern part (The Hundred Acre Wood) became the setting or ‘home’ of Winnie the Pooh and his friends.
P1030901It was a cold and misty day, yet we felt excited, like explorers, ready to face an unknown wilderness.
Moments later we stepped inside the safety of the Forest’s visitor centre (ha!). Can I help you?, we heard a cheerful voice address us, and soon after, equipped with detailed maps, we set off to explore the forest’s beautiful landscape and trees and autumn colours. It was magical.

photo 1
The next day we visited Ightam Mote, a 14th-century moated manor house, which has a Grade 1 listed dog kennel – see if you can find it.


Let me tell you, it was so quiet there and I wouldn’t have been surprised had  I’d seen a ghost. Pfff! Ghosts!, I thought as I wandered across the sunny courtyard …


thud thud thud, the sound of  a walking stick hitting against cobblestones marked the end of my solitude. So I turned to acknowledge the other visitor…


OMG, Queen Victoria!! Had I finally come face to face with a ghost? I stood mesmerised waiting for her pass through me. To my disappointment, she didn’t. But, she did acknowledge me very gracefully – oh dear I nearly curtseyed – before disappearing through one of the doors.




6 thoughts on “A Forest and the ghost of Queen Victoria

    1. germaninlondon Post author

      Hehe, yes! We ‘found’ her again giving orders to the staff. The volunteers at Ightam Mote were dressed up as characters who’d lived there, or in case of Her Majesty, been a guest at some point in history 😉


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