Picnic at Lincoln’s Inn Fields

I’ve passed this beautiful spot, ate my packed lunch or had a nap during the hours in between lessons, so many times. In the evenings there are soup vans providing free food to homeless people.

Last week is was cold even though the sun was out…but that didn’t stop some to take their lunch in the park.



Picnic at Lincoln’s Inn Fields


He took his seat, after he’d laid out

his coat with great care, on top of the grass.


He pressed his bent back against his black

rucksack, and then stretched his legs. Blissful sigh.


He watched an army of people, that matched

spring’s vibrant colours, eat their packed lunch.


The midday sun warmed his face. He stretched his

neck and felt the heat spreading in his body.


To the cheerful chatter and occasional

loud and hearty laughter he fell asleep.


In the evening he stood outside the nightly

locked gate, queuing to wait his turn for some


hot food and a cuppa, listening to the

silent chatter of his fellow vagabonds.


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