Spanish karaoke night – Resistiré (Dúo Dinámico)

So I watched a bit of the 29th Goya Awards ceremony last night. I thought that I would get a nice summary of which film to add to my ‘to watch’ list, because I hadn’t really followed Spanish Cinema last year. But my ingenious plan didn’t work out. As soon as the ceremony’s opening – a medley of songs performed by actors and singers – had finished with the song ‘Resistiré’,  a song that I hadn’t heard for ages, the last time probably when I watched Pedro Almodovar’s 1990 dark romantic comedy ¡Átame!, my evening had turned into a spontaneous Spanish-songs-of-the-80s-and-90s-karaoke evening. Yes, I filled my lungs with air and sang along but only after I had looked for this and other song(s)/lyrics on the net silently thanking people who’d go through the time-consuming work transcribing and uploading them.

Anyway, that song was one of the first Spanish songs I’d ever listened to attentively and repetitively, some 12-or-so years ago. It was during a language class that we Spanish language learners who’d just (!) began to learn about one of the many uses of the subjunctive (ah you wonderful Spanish grammar) were asked to pick out all subjunctive words we could hear or think we were hearing. So, our language instructor would play us that song again and again and again.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did then and yesterday! (The version below is not the original but one I particularly like; you can find the original version by following the link English translation below)

If you don’t know (much) Spanish and like to know what the song is all about, here’s a great website – Foreign Language Music. There you’ll find links to the song, an English translation , an extensive vocabulary list and grammar explanations.



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