steaming mug of tea

When I was sitting at my desk with a mug of steaming tea and a large bowel filled with delicious spiced biscuits, I felt ready to face today’s task: typing out end of term reports and getting other well-overdue admin stuff done.

But only a short while later, during which I made myself comfy in the chair, sipped some tea and munched away on the first two biscuits…ah yes and started up the laptop, I

1. Placed laptop in the right position

2. Moved it several times to the-now-right position – that is, from one heap of files onto another

3. Wished that the desk was three times its actual size and thought how I’d rearrange all the stuff now cluttering near 87% of it

4. Realized that if it was three times its actual size it would probably be as clattered as the one I’m currently sitting at

5. Looked out of the window trying to accept that a larger desk would not fit in the available space, unless one part of the built-in wardrobe is removed, but the work and mess involved…

6. Realized that today was the first frosty day

7. Admired the beautiful crisp white stuff that was covering the flat-roof of the downstairs kitchen and bathroom…admired the frosty roofs of my neighbours…and the frosty shrubs…and frosty trees…and frosty rose bushes…

8. Seriously considered going for a run

tigger9. Realized that I don’t run – I don’t even own a half decent pair of bouncy trainers that would allow me to bounce around Beckenham like Tigger and I wondered whether that would be cheating, so quickly had to google ‘bouncing like Tigger’ and found this quote from Vivian Komori “Life is not about how fast you run or how hight you climb but how well you bounce” and decided that it definitely wouldn’t be cheating.

10. Sent an email with 3 typos in it – of course I only realized that after I pressed the send button…typical

11. Went downstairs to prepare another mug of tea

12. Had the sudden urge to watch some YouTube Videos

13. Watched half a dozen videos

14. Realized that I have become the victim of procrastination…that I was procrastinating

15. Remembered the first time I had heard the word and instantly liked it…the way it sounds: pro – cra – sti – na – tion and repeated it several times aloud

…after all that, I had finished my second mug of tea and all the biscuits, felt much much better, brewed another tea, refilled the empty bowl and was finally ready to start with the reports.


“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time” – Marthe Troly-Curtin, Phrynette Married



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