A homage to all the different accents and dialects you can hear in the streets of London…and some personal past experiences.


English class for immigrants



Are you French? Irish? Or Spanish perhaps?

Ah, Austrian, there you go,

Was right after all, you’re not English.

Twenty years living over here you say?

Well I’d never known! That accent of yours.


London is my home, is where I live

is where I hear

What d’ya fink and innit


Mi no know where fi put dis one.

 And my pals from Glasgow say affectionately

Ach away ye go


A meet wae ye tae back o’ seven.


I listen and I speak to people.


the Queen and Mayor John.

They’re not my friends nor work colleagues.



I listen and I speak to people

from five continents.

I soak in and splash around

the heavenly colourful bubbles

of this gigantic language bath.


I hope you understand why

I couldn’t make up my mind

which accent to choose

and decided to stick with

the one

I know best.



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