Remember Remember the Fifth of November

Having managed to see a big firework display on bonfire night at Blackheath Common last Saturday, I suddenly remembered that some years ago on that very night we lit a fire in our fireplace for the very first time.


Guy Fawkes Night


While seventeen burning crosses

were carried through the streets of Lewes

we lit our first fire.


It was only a month earlier

that our chimney had been swept,

a chimney pot and bird guard fitted.


Smokeless wood logs

were lying carefully arranged

inside a wicker basket

ready for their

final resting place.


A poker, log grabber, ash shovel and brush

hanging from their stand

next to old newspapers and a box of firelighters,

were the only other conspirators.


Eager to do our part

on this cold and rainy bonfire night

we scrunched some newspaper into

loose balls,

placed them with two logs

inside the cast iron basket,

following only our own novice logic.

Then we lit four firelighters.


In front of the orange blazing blissful heat

we embraced staring mesmerized at the

dancing figures appearing in the fire

Before they transformed

into thick dark smoke

rising up to the fire alarm fitted to the wall

on top of the stairs

awakening our bewilderment

resulting in frantic waving of wet towels

before the noisy device as we burnt to

silence the deafening noise

running around headless

to open every window and door

to let our neighbours know of the failed attempt

and let the dark smoke escape.


Remember remember the fifth of November we always will.


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