Worldcup Identity

Brazil Worldcup 2014

Friday 13th June in a pub in Beckenham: one Austrian (me) together with 3 Portuguese and 5 Spaniards
watched as the Spanish team got “slaughtered” – even though the initial 1-0 lead looked promising and was celebrated noisily…naturally. But then, oh dear, oh dear (!)  Holland scored 3 times. Our quiet, head shaking disbelief quickly turned into cheering on the Dutch players who settled for a 5-1 win. After the game we decided to support the winning team from now on (ah… well, me at least for the next 60 minutes) as we went to Nandos (Portuguese “roast chicken” restaurant, celebrating Holland’s well deserved victory with a late night feast of extra spicy chicken and some strong Portuguese beer.

H*ly Sh*t
What a Defeat!

Was it revenge or
just poor defence?

It didn’t matter,
as we screamed in excess

clomping our feet
clapping our hands 

whilst meeting strangers’ eyes
laughing at our 5-1 defeat.

Saturday, 14th June: England vs. Italy – such great football! I wanted both to win…but that’s not possible, right?

And then there was yesterday’s brilliant match (Germany vs. Portugal), enjoyed by many…and Angela Merkel …

Last Friday night I was unmistaken
to support the Portuguese for certain,

cutting into their tender breast
to fast forget Spain’s first test.

There, look – oh what joy – 
the Germans now halfway

leading already three nil.
Is this an easy run uphill?

Four to one after the final whistle
shall we go and look into the magic crystal?


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