Goodbye my friend…


… I cannot express my sadness in words, Fernando, but I will always, always remember you as the Fernando we have known for so many years. You are  and will be OUR champion forever. R.I.P.

In memory of Fernando, July 1966 – March 2014

Un vinito


Un vinito, vamos a tomar un vinito,

rings in my head like a persistent caller

and makes me raise a glass.

You posing for a photo

makes me smile.

And your imitation of Bruce Springsteen

can’t be done better by anyone else.

You smoking a cigar after lunch,

its smell lingers in my nose.

And you paseando round and round el corro 

with friends and neighbours

talking, listening being a friend.

Us drinking una* cubata,

me copying your ron con coca cola,

and listening to you singing Camaron**

appreciating the perfect gentleman.

All of that makes me

rememberphoto (2)

the many good

and fun times

we had.


*una cubata is grammatical incorrect. It should be un cubata (cubata having a male gender). As a Spanish language learner I overgeneralized the rule that a noun ending with an “a” is usually classed feminine, hence requiring the feminine indefinite article “una”. But Fernando loved me saying una cubata, so I kept it for him.

**Camaron (1950-1992), a Spanish flamenco singer.


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