I managed to press – oh…hold on… no…I meant SLIDE the green and moving telephone on the screen of my NEW mobile phone – not that I HAD to get it, but had I not I would have lost  £13.50 sitting in the phone fund that my mobile phone provider decided to scrap at the end of November, and so, after hurrying inside one of their shops during the short break between two lessons I walked outside with a CLEVER phone – and answered J’s call.

I was startled when instead of her usual cheerful Mayday, Mayday, Mayday. JB calling GB, JB calling GB. Do you read me? Do…you…read… me? and therefore loosing out on my automatic reply I can read you very well, JB, over, I heard this . When asked, she told me that the song came from her white and round fluffy fella (that is, a singing snowman). After insisting to press the button again (I don’t get serenaded to that often) that cheerful tune just stayed in my mind for days and then I thought about cheerful German Christmas Carols. As a result of all this (in case you were wondering what I’m rabbiting on about) I decided to play two Weihnachtslieder (see links below) at the end of my last few lessons before Christmas – working a bit with the vocabulary and practicing our listening skills (it was a German lesson after all).

Why don’t you try to sing along with your friends, family and/or pets on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day or right this minute  (the clips are great for karaoke). It’s fun, releases stress (really) and you get to practice your German.

Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann

Kling Glöckchen klingelingeling

Here are some tips on how to listen to a German song and get the most out of it:

1.Listen to the song without looking at the text, concentrating on the German words.  Do this at least 2-3 times!
2.Then, play the song again and follow the song by reading the text.
3. Here’s the English translation.

Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann

Tomorrow Santa’s coming,
Coming with his gifts.
Colourful lights and silver decoration,
Child in crib and sheep and bull
shaggy bear and panther cuddly toy
I’d like to have.

Bring us, dear Santa
Bring also tomorrow, bring
Shaggy bear and panther,
Steed and donkey, sheep and bull
Nothing but nice things!

But you know our every wish,
You know our hearts.
Children, father and mama
Even grandpa
We’ll all, all be there
Painfully awaiting your arrival.

Kling Glöckchen klingelingeling

Ring, little bell, ringalingaling!
Ring, little bell, ring!
Let me in, you kids!
So cold is the winter!
Open the doors for me!
Don’t let me freeze!
Ring, little bell, ringalingaling!
Ring, little bell, ring!

Ring, little bell, ringalingaling!
Ring, little bell, ring!
Girls, listen, and boys,
Open up the room for me!
I bring you many gifts,
You should enjoy them!
Ring, little bell, ringalingaling!
Ring, little bell, ring!

Ring, little bell, ringalingaling!
Ring, little bell, ring!
Brightly glow the candles,
Open your hearts to me,
I want to live there happily,
Devout child, how blessed!
Ring, little bell, ringalingaling!
Ring, little bell, ring!


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