No Internet and a Yorkshire Terrier

How would you feel without internet access?

Imagine that you need it for work (I do) and that you work from home (I do most of the time). So, it can be a nerve-racking-experience (it still is)  if the internet access is off for some 3 (!) weeks.

But my torture is soon over (on Tuesday) when VM is coming to my rescue with their fast (please, please, please and pretty please be 8x as advertised ignoring the small print) fibre-optic broadband – as I now lost trust in the old copper telephone cables.

I somehow learnt to cope with no internet access at home. In fact, some good came from it and my dependence on “free” WIFI provided by coffee shops around town and my local gym. It was my local gym that provided me with hot showers, too, when in October I had to wait for nearly two  weeks for a plumber to fix a broken valve… ah, yes, and at the coffee shop at my local gym I can also get some delicious home-baked flapjacks – important accompaniment for the pot of freshly brewed tea, which is essential when working, writing, thinking, surfing the net and sending emails.

Another good that came after the initial shock of having to live a disconnected life until someone in charge decides to reconnect it, was, that felt strangely less stressed than usual. Why?,  you may wonder as did I. Perhaps by planning an exact time and actual purpose for the use of the internet resulted in working more focused and thus faster. And in the end, I had more free time on my hands – or better said, I couldn’t find an easy escape to just log on and “surf away”. Instead, I could fill that time with reading and writing our weekly exercises for my creative writing course (which I enjoy lots).   Yorkshire Terrier

But enough talk, here’s my latest writing exercise. We had to write a complete short story in no more than 350 words. It’s called Yorkshire Terrier – a story about language and its power and empowerment: a child wants something very much, is denied it, but in the end gets what s/he wanted.


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