Autumn Blues or Autumn Joy?

Hurray! Hurray! First signs of autumn are showing. Earlier sunsets. Pleasantly refreshing rainy days. Even more so are the nights. Trees delight with colourful displays in parks and alongside roads. Smells of lit wood burning stoves. Hurray! Hurray!  Autumn, favourite season of the year, announces itself.

For me that means no more feeling guilty of staying in bed longer or staying at home at weekends; reading all the books and watching all the DVDs which were acquired during the last few months and were with no further thought left unopened on the shelves in the living room. It also means experimenting with new recipes. A fan of sweet potatoes, for example, I started trying different kinds of Sweet Potato soups, stews and spreads – roasted and mashed up ones were well-practiced around this time last year. Another ingredient is Polenta. Having been in Transylvania this summer together with my parents to visit Dracula’s castle (sooo predictable) but more so to visit the villages, towns and cities of my Transylvanian Saxons ancestors, I re-discovered  Palukes or polenta. I remember scoffing freshly prepared hot Palukes, adding a bit of ice cold milk to it, whilst sitting next to my grandmother in the living room watching a thriller in the cold winter months. That hot Palukes would warm you up nicely, just like porridge does.

Anyway. In addition I decided to use my guilt-free-spare-time,to tidy up, ahm, files. Not the ones on my desk, which are piled up half way to the ceiling, or the ones under desk, which are actually piled right up to the bottom of the desk or the ones left on the window sill or next to my bed…no, those ones are next on my list. But first, I’ll start organizing the ones carelessly dumped on the desktop or USB sticks or in some  doesn’t-make-sense-to-me-now folders AND sub folders…arghhhhh!

desk full with books and filesPhew! It wasn’t so bad after all. After having spent all Wednesday afternoon and early evening reorganizing and deleting files I now have my German language lesson files nicely organized in perfectly presentable grammar folders and sub folders, sorted into discussion, listening, reading (subgroup: newspaper, books), pairwork, group work folders … yes, the list goes on a bit longer, but I spare you with all the details.

Whilst tidying up, I came across the OU (Open University) folder from 2007-10. Scanning through some of the essays I have written, a few also in German during the Level 3 German module, I noticed just how similar some topics were back then to my current studies now. I enjoyed re-reading some of the shorter essays and perhaps will upload one or two, whose topics (dialects – cultural heritage or speech barrier?), are close to my heart.

Gosh, it seems that list to fill my guilt-free-spare-time is getting longer. And Saturday morning is already over. So I better rush off. Will visit B&Q and IKEA for some DIY double glazing kit and some felt underlay to get my little house ready for the really cold winter months (I have just read that).


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