Vegetable paradise in my backyard – potatoes for beginners

Really happy with my first-steps-towards-a-grow-your-own-vegetables-paradise-in-my-tiny-backyard thanks to D. who encouraged me to take up the relaxing, satisfying and affordable hobby of growing your own in pots and bags in my tiny and quite shadowy patio.

That is why one day in mid-May day after our weekly 90 minutes German class – that day we learnt fruit and vegetable vocabulary, after which D. could list all vegies and fruits he has got in his garden (you name it, he’s got it) I headed straight to the nearest Robert Dyas store, found the gardening section, picked up a giant growing bag together with a King Edward seed potato taster pack, carrot, onion and chive seeds.

giant reusable grow bag

After filling the big green bag (see picture above, taken from RD website) with compost most seeds were planted by the following weekend…and as the giant bag is not that giant after all for all the seeds I had, I continued planting them in some unused flower pots. To be honest, I did not plant any flowers this year as I assumed that we would not get much of a summer. Couldn’t have been more wrong!


All started to grow really well. I checked on the young plants first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I began to hate snails, particularly slugs, after discovering how they would feast on my potato plants. I discovered slug/snail pellets. I enjoyed pottering about my patio. Then, all of a sudden came the unexpected prolonged heat wave a time when I was away in Spain experiencing a ‘proper’ harvest with a harvest machine (will upload some photos in separate post).

Anyways. Once back in London and after worrying about my own possible gnocchi-sized-potato-harvest I sighed with relieve when I discovered that the potatoes have survived and the prospect of harvesting proper potatoes, some onions (most thought have been eaten by a mysterious animal) and carrots.

But for now I keep enjoying this small but cosy outside space.



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