A possible English Leonardo da Vinci?

Last weekend I made my way to Greenwich in order to see Hanging Hooke, Siobhán Nicholas extremely enjoyable, educational, well acted  and energetic play at Greenwich Theatre.

If you get the chance (sorry UK only) to see it … go and see this play! You can find upcoming performance of the Take the Space Theatre Company here.

The play, inspired by the folio of Robert Hooke , a manuscript found and auctioned in 2006, which are notes made by Hooke during his time as Curator for the Royal Society. Since the auction the folio’s new home is at the Royal Society in London and on their website (link above) you can view it and it is now also acknowledged that Hooke worked together with his friend Christopher Wren on the Monument and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Within the last few years Hooke has been credited for his contribution and if you go to the Monument/St. Paul’s look out for his plaque and the memorial tablet respectebly.

The play tells the story of Robert Hooke, who not only was a contemporary of Isaac Newton and Christopher Wren but also “curator of experiments (…) at the Royal Society and is now thought by many to be our English Leonardo. A genius of the 17th century; architect, engineer, chemist, horologist, physicist, astronomer, artist, even musician but Hooke provoked intense loyalty, jealousy, controversy and hatred. (…) This tale of intrigue and betrayal explores the captivating C17th world of new science and discovery.” (Take the Space) Chris Barnes gives “an inspired performance to complement some exceptional writing” { British Theatre Guide]


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