Leonardo’s Drawings at Buckingham Palace

Had a lovely Saturday in London with my Spanish friends from San Sebastian, Spain. We set off early to see the Leonardo Da Vinci Drawings at Buckingham Palace. I was in awe!! I can really really really recommend this wonderful exhibition, but hurry, it finishes this Sunday (7th October). Leonardo’s’ drawings of the human body are in exacting detail, you can, for example, admire his drawings of a fetus in utero, the heart and vascular  system, sex organs, and other bone and muscular structures, which some are of the first on human record. Afterwards I kept asking myself: When did this guy sleep? or find the time to paint? or write? or study plants? or architecture? and engineering?

Afterwards, we strolled through St. James’s Park to the National Gallery for a well deserved coffee and muffin and after a visit to Covent Garden and Camden Market – yep, had to do a bit of the touristy program – enjoyed a very late lunch at Ping Pong (dim sums, yummy) at the Southbank.


2 thoughts on “Leonardo’s Drawings at Buckingham Palace

  1. anelim

    I found your blog after you visited mine! Didn’t know about this exhibition, thanks!

    I’ve heard that Leonardo did in fact have a very deliberate, self-engineered sleep pattern: 15 minutes every 4 hours, for a total of 1.5h of sleep a day…


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