Theatre at the Goethe Institut, 5th October, London

Getting ready for my first day at Goldsmiths this Wednesday. Although it’s “just” an induction evening (with wine and cheese!!) of my first module of Language, Culture and Identity I’m realy looking forward to meeting my fellow students and tutors.

So, I thought on this rainy Sunday afternoon, let’s have a look what Goethe Institut has on offer in October, and I came accross this event:

Jugendtheatertournee 2012

“Über die Grenze ist es nur ein Schritt” – Theatre for young people

Friday 5 October 2012; 10:30 & 14:30
Goethe-Institut London – Auditorium
in German
Tickets: £3
Box Office Tel: +44 20 7596 4000

© Oliver Fantitsch

Michael Müller’s “Über die Grenze ist es nur ein Schritt” (It’s Just a Step across the Border) is a tragic yet comic German play for young people. It draws attention to issues such as migration and the search for identity. Two young actors and the author stage the play which tells the story of an African youngster who has been living in Germany for five years. However, when it emerges that he and his family are living in the country illegally, the situation threatens to get out of control.

The performance introduces young people to the topic of migration and its related issues. The scope of the subject matter makes the play suitable not only for young people aged 14 to 18, but also for adults. It explores themes relevant to young people, such as identity, dreams and the search for self – issues which are just as relevant and important in the UK as they are in Germany and beyond.

Teachers and their students are cordially invited to come and watch the performance of “Über die Grenze ist es nur ein Schritt” in German on 5 October, 2012 in the auditorium at the Goethe-Institut London. After the one hour play you are welcome to join in a discussion with the playwright and the two young actors. Students can use this opportunity to ask questions and comment on the performance.

Teaching Resources for the classroom use are available here:
Download SymbolTeaching Resources (pdf, 4 MB – in German)

I’ve put that date in my diary and hope that some of my young adult students have time to come along to see this promising play!


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